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 New York City on the eve of America's entry into World War II.

It is an exciting glamorous time for everyone except sweet mousy Vicky Haven. Desperate to get out of Ohio after her fiancé elopes with her business partner, Vicky gets up the nerve to call her old school friend Amanda Keeler who is now the toast of New York. The beautiful scheming Amanda (a thinly veiled Clare Boothe Luce) is bored with her marriage to wealthy media mogul Julian Evans. Amanda decides to resume an affair with an old flame: Ken, a critically acclaimed but unsuccessful writer with too much integrity.

As America tiptoes closer to war, Vicky thrives in her new life as a magazine executive. Socially awkward and naïve, Vicky blunders through the parties and the New York media and society scene. Her directness is refreshing and endears her to her new boss and to a handsome stranger with too much integrity she meets at Amanda's party.

A Time to be Born is a story of ambition and identity, of honest mid-Westerners among savvy New Yorkers. What will become of Amanda's brutal ambition? Will she maintain her self-invented celebrity? Will her manipulations backfire? Will Vicky learn to trust her small-town originality or become yet another cynical successful New Yorker? Will Ken ever finish his novel? Will America join the war?

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